Alma Words


Happiness: From fleeting to genuine

How many dreams away are you from reaching happiness? I bet this time you’re closer than ever. At least that’s what your mind makes you believe every time you’re chasing a new dream; that having a house of your own or being the new CEO of the company you work at is...

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Suffering: Why do we suffer?

You may be surprised to hear this, but actually, your suffering doesn't come from your job, or your partner (or the lack of one), or even less, from the way you look. The cause of our suffering, no matter if we call it anxiety, a heartbreak or fear of what people may...

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The toy store: Understanding our experiences

Have you ever wondered why you attract certain experiences into your life? I think we've all been through those moments where we really question the situations that come our way. Well, a while ago I decided to ask my Soul this same question. And today I want to share...

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From fears to freedom: Ego or Soul?

"Is it the ego's voice or is it my Soul who is speaking?"... you might have asked yourself this question plenty of times. It definitely can get tricky when trying to identify the origin of this voice inside our head. Join me in this reflection where we'll travel from...

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Manifesting your Soul’s mission

I wish to remind you that the inner drive you feel pushing you to do something that really makes you vibrate, is real. It’s not a figment of your imagination. And it will keep on pushing until you let yourself go with your inner flow and manifest your mission. When...

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Which wolf are you feeding today?

  A couple of days ago, me and my wife went to the movies to watch Tomorrowland. We were fascinated by a short story that was told in the movie, because for us, it perfectly explains the struggle that goes inside all of us between the ego and our Soul, and how clearly...

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Showering back to the present

  A mindfulness experience can’t be easily put into words, since it doesn’t involve the intellect or thinking, but rather being present and connected. Mindfulness meditation is born from Zen. Zen comes from Buddhism. However, this practice is completely free from any...

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An ego called Birdman

  Our ego chases us like an eagle trying to hunt its pray. In the case of Riggan Thomson, his hunter has its own name: Birdman, who stalks him with the memory of his iconic portraying of this superhero and with the pursuit of his next box-office hit, in order to bring...

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The ego was born to survive and suffer, the Soul, to play and understand.

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The origin of the ego

When the Soul feels curious to understand how the experience in this blue planet works, it must borrow a special suit which is the combination of three bodies: physical, emotional and mental. This human suit resembles an animal’s suit, as they both have a physical...

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