The biggest highlight for me was feeling really connected to myself and not having that need to reach outwards but really have the tools and the confidence to just dive inwards.

Kaitlin Kerling

Sydney, Australia

What I can highlight the most about these meditation techniques is their simplicity. Typically, other practices display meditation as something for “superior beings” only.

What Santiago does is suggest that people can create a connexion with their own Soul without depending on a guide.

In my case, as cliché as it may sound, my life’s perspective has radically changed.

Catalina Muñoz

Communications Professional | Colombia

Santiago’s ability to embrace something that big and break it down into such simple and friendly techniques, accessible to anyone. I find this really powerful.

Camila Schneider

Acro Yoga Instructor | Santiago, Chile

What I value most about the Alma Works techniques is that they are accessible to everyone, super useful and easy to practice at home.

To feel that I am in control of myself, of my emotions and feelings has really helped me.

Laura Escobar

Lawyer | Colombia

For me, it's very important knowing that I can integrate this into my own life to continue my transformation and growth as a human being.

Stacey Brown

Entrepreneur | Sydney, Australia

At the end of last year, I took a radical change in my life, where it was of great help meeting Santiago. Today I feel more connected with the present moment and with myself. I’m pleasantly surprised by his teachings and generosity in sharing them with us.

Maria Isabel Oviedo

Consultant | Colombia

I decided to go to Santiago’s workshops because I had fears and felt I was creating my own limits. With the technique I learned, this situation has decreased dramatically.

With other meditations I wasn’t able to achieve significant results, it was something temporary and not that strong. The process that Santiago taught me is really efficient, it gives me answers.

Manuela Lopera

Architecture student | Colombia

I believe that the Alma Works techniques are of great help. I’ve been able to reconnect with my inner child; she always reminds me of who I really am. In each meditation she fills me with energy and when I’m done meditating, I feel completely renewed.

Tatiana Cruz

Business Manager | Lima, Peru

Santiago speaks from experience. No dogmatism, lust or formulas.

Laura Escovar

International Negotiator | Colombia

I think these meditations are pretty innovative, I haven’t found anything similar. You can practice them anywhere you want and at any time.

If you’ve never practiced meditation before or if you’re an experienced meditator, you will find many things in these meditations because you are not looking for someone else’s knowledge; you are looking for your own.

Juan Felipe Arango

Strategist | Colombia

I have understood that all the answers to my questions and concerns are inside of me. Santiago has helped me realize the power of simple things such as being present, and how everything I need to be happy, I can find it when I connect with myself.

Carolina Giraldo

Entrepreneur | Colombia

I think regardless of your background, your belief system or who you are, I don't really see that there would be anyone that wouldn't get something out of this type of workshops. It's a very safe environment to learn and explore.

Annie Brindley

Transformational counsellor | Adelaide, Australia

The moments I’ve spent in meditation with Santiago have transformed me. They have guided me to full presence, they help me silence my mind and internalize spirituality.


Maria Fernanda Gallego

Master’s student | Colombia

Santiago’s techniques are of great value because of their simplicity; they can be practiced in any situation.

They are an excellent alternative for those people that want to go beyond and that are open to new ways of seeing, feeling and living life.

Maria Isabel Vasquez

Financial Engineer | Colombia

I consider Santiago’s workshops an excellent tool to learn more about who we really are, about our essence. They help me strengthen my being, become a lot happier, live a better daily life and purify from the stress, discussions, arrogance and the ego.

It’s a gift for people that value themselves. I recommend gifting yourself with some hours to enjoy the presence of your being and gain knowledge for a better life. 

Adriana Ocampo

Doctor | Colombia

I’ve read many books about the ego but I had never been able to understand it. Now I finally have a clear vision of what it means to be the ego’s spectator and how the mental movie works.

Claudia Tapia

Lawyer | Santiago, Chile

I found clarity and simplicity in Santiago’s teachings since day one.

His methods are easy to practice and have allowed me to access and understand several aspects of my life.

Graciela Vazquez

Doctor | Uruguay

When I meditate, my biggest challenge has always been clearing my mind to focus, rather than wondering around, so I really enjoyed learning and practicing the techniques that Santiago shared with us. I liked that they were simple.

Spending a couple of hours of me time, essentially to "not think" was a wonderful thing.

Nick Farrow

Athlete | Byron Bay, Australia

I’ve lived magical experiences in the meditations with Santiago. His words, the way he speaks, his knowledge, his vision, and his capacity to guide me through the meditation, all allow me to feel connected all the time.

I love that his objective is to help me understand patterns in my behavior that may be holding me back and help me discover how I can change them. 

Paula Lopez

Marketing Specialist | Colombia

Santiago has this particular way of speaking that makes you feel as if you were having a conversation with a friend; very intimate and meaningful.

I was able to ground several ideas related to the mind and how it takes me away from the present moment.

Bruno Montenegro

Santiago, Chile

I highly recommend doing these workshops because it is a really amazing experience! I just feel really energized and very happy that I've done this... learning about what my soul wants and where I want to go with my life.

Hannah Meyer

Nurse | Brisbane, Australia

I recommend these meditations to all kinds of young and old people because they are simple, they help you understand any situation you’re going through and they are moments where your mind silences and your real you talks.

Tomas Usme

Student | Colombia