Awakening your Soul

The Earth is just like a big toy store. You are a child, and your toys are your experiences on Earth. When your Soul enters the toy store of planet Earth and learns how each toy works, wisdom emerges within it.

Your Soul resembles a small child who is a far-reaching explorer: he feels curious to discover the whole toy store where his parents have left him for a while (our planet). For this kid to interact with every toy he finds (experiences), he takes on a special suit that is made up of three illusory bodies: a physical body, an emotional body and a mental body. The mind is like a super computer that the child doesn’t yet know how to handle.

All the memories from his past before coming to this life are archived in a hidden file in the computer, and so the child also forgets that this toy store is just an illusory game. There are no good or bad toys: this is a place to play and learn, not a place to suffer. He fluctuates between being asleep and awake, conscious and unconscious.

Because the child thinks the toy store (planet) is real, a virus emerges in the super computer. This virus is called ego. The ego convinces the child that his special suit and the toys he finds belong to him. This virus takes control, classifying all the toys he discovers as good or bad, craving for the good ones and avoiding the bad ones. The virus is an illusion of the mental body, and it makes it impossible for the child to live in the present. The virus is blind to see reality just as is; it’s insensitive to the happiness that the present offers us. It can only access the past, and through its past experiences creates strategies to attain happiness in the future. This fantasy can never be realised because we actually live in the present. Happiness will perpetually be transferred again and again to a point in the future through wishful desires.

You are the only one capable of awakening the child (your Soul) and giving him the control of your life so that you can start living fully and be happy. Sometimes the ego becomes so big that it is hard for the Soul to awaken, but there are indeed techniques to do this in a conscious way. These techniques will allow you to get in touch with your inner child (that part of the Soul that wants to explore, live, love, hug, play and be happy) and your inner master (that part of your Soul that holds all the wisdom you accumulate from lived experiences) in order to talk to them and start a self-discovery and healing process that will allow you to break free from confusion and suffering.


*No previous experience or qualifications are required for you to study this Workshop.

The details...

This workshop consists of 4 main blocks

1. Introductory talk

We start by talking about the following subjects:


What is the Soul.


The history of the Soul in the Universe.


The qualities of the Soul: the Inner Child, the Inner Master and the Higher Self.


The experience and evolution of human beings on Earth (past lives, karma, Soul’s mission, etc.)


The process of incarnation.


What the energetic senses are and how they work.

  2. Alma Works meditation techniques

Learn the step-by-step method to contact your Soul.


Know the different techniques to regain control of your mind and achieve greater focus during meditation.


Learn how to use your energetic senses, which we all have, to contact your Soul.


The Soul is only one, but its qualities are three: the Inner Child, the Inner Master, and the Higher Self. Prepare to meet them!

Go into your heart to contact your Inner Child.
This is the purest, most innocent part of the Soul. It wants to explore, play and enjoy this planet.
You’ll be able to talk with your Inner Child, feel it, and take its advice to lead a more happy and complete life.
To awaken your Inner Child means to awaken your joy, love, humility, compassion and the ability to see life as a game and not as a fight for survival.
Enter inside your Soul Matrix to contact your Inner Master.
This is the part of your Soul that reflects about your experiences in order to understand and dominate it.
From how to ride a bike to the learning of all spiritual knowledge, this Being stores all the wisdom your Soul has collected throughout each incarnation.
Your Inner Master will help you overcome each one of the experiences you’ve come to live and conquer your fears.
To awaken your Inner Master means to regain your wisdom and put it in practice in all aspects of your life.
Enter inside your seventh chakra to contact your Higher Self.
This is the higher consciousness of your Soul, or the part of your Soul that stays in higher dimensions.
This Being treasures knowledge about each and every one of the dimensions of the Universe, and how they work.
It teaches you why you’re on this Planet, and what is your planetary and universal mission.
To awaken your Higher Self means to go through life in connection with the Universe.

  3. Deep meditation

After learning the techniques, it’s now time to practice them.


Throughout the whole session, Santiago guides and accompanies you personally, communicating with you as needed.


Santiago uses his energetic senses to see, feel and hear the same as you do. It’s in this way that he can assist you in successfully completing the meditation and achieving its objective.


This meditation is 100% lived and experienced. You learn through living the wonderful, magnificent force and energy of your Soul, which ratifies the effectiveness of the Alma Works techniques.

 4. Closure

An inventory of your learnings.


After knowing and experiencing the Alma Works techniques, you will have all the tools you need in order to start a continuous and disciplined practice at home.
You’ll be able to contact your Soul without the need for intermediaries and awaken each one of the parts of your Soul (Inner Child, Inner Master and Higher Self) to gain a better understanding of your life, overcome the illusion, fears and negative beliefs you hold.

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