Alma Works


Have you ever wondered what life’s true purpose is? If there’s something else or is this really it? Where do you come from? Why have you experienced certain situations? What is your mission in this planet?

Driven by a profound uncertainty about existence and by my curious spirit, at age 17 I decided to start my own spiritual journey. My thirst for answers led me to devour dozens of books, each one containing a different theory and indicating an unquestionable path.

Confused by so many absolute truths, I decided I had to experiment and reason to be able to verify.

Just like we explore the material dimension using physical tools, it is essential to count with the proper tools to start an expedition beyond matter. This is why my first subject of study were the energetic senses. Once I could prove to myself that they undeniably existed, I came to the conclusion that it was possible to awaken them and that these didn’t belong only to certain gifted people.

Initially, I used my energetic senses to explore the external energetic world. Still with few answers, one day I ventured to travel within myself. It was then when I contacted my Soul for the first time. I could feel it and listen to it. Through experience, I verified each and every one of its words, all of which, slowly but gradually, have been dissolving the limiting beliefs and fears that for years had steered my course. My Soul has become the source of all the answers I’ve been looking for and my real guide to awakening.

In the same way, within you lies the wisdom you have gained in this life and in past lifes. Your Soul knows the cause of all your fears and has the cure to each one of them. It is your Soul who has all the answers to your questionings, who remembers your mission, who knows how to dissolve the suffering created by a runaway mind, and the way to enjoy the unconditional happiness that life is ready to gift you with.

Wishing that you too start your own spiritual journey, I have created the Alma Works meditation techniques, which look into ways to dissolve the ego and the illusion of suffering, control the mind, heal from the root cause and predominantly contact and awaken the Soul in an easy-to-learn, yet deep and revealing way, with the objective of finding answers to all of those questions that you’ve probably asked yourself too.

Through workshops, articles, videos and upcoming books, I share the following Alma Works meditation techniques:

Dissolving Suffering

techniques to control the mind and dissolve the ego

The Toy Store

Identify the experiences that your Soul has asked to live, and the fears and beliefs that have been born from these.

Learning to Play the Game

Learn from the experiences that your Soul has asked to live, and start overcoming the fears and beliefs that have been born from these.

Insatiable Ego

Become aware of the conditional and illusory happiness that the ego promises you.

Sensory Meditation

Access the unconditional happiness that the present moment gifts you with.

Curious Soul

Manifest your Soul’s curiosities and start fulfilling your mission.

Mental Exploration

Explore your mind with the objective of understanding that you are not it. You are the consciousness that observes and listens to it.

Serene Mind

Slow down the speed of the runaway mind, build concentration and transform negative mental patterns.

Conscious Hand

Turn off your mind whenever you want to rest from the mental chatter and enjoy the present moment.

Taming the Wild Horse

Live together with your mind without identifying with the beliefs that activate the illusion of suffering.

Identifying your Ego

Identify the false personality called ego, with the objective of recognizing that you are not it. Learn about your ego’s behaviors and about the beliefs and fears that create it and make it suffer.

Finding Answers

within yourself

Contacting Your Soul

Contact your Soul and let it be the one that answers the biggest questionings of your life, and guide you in your spiritual journey.

The Inner Library

Find within your 6th chakra the memory of your Soul. Access your past lives to understand and solve certain situations of your present life.


with your Soul

The Three Phased Chamber

This is a process of release and purification that consists of three phases or energy chambers: the Transpersonal Chamber eliminates fears, the Cognitive Restructuring Chamber removes negative beliefs and the Ionic Bond Chamber connects you with your higher consciousness.

Transpersonal Chamber

The word chamber in this case refers to an energy field that surrounds us with high vibrational energies for a special purpose. The word transpersonal means that it is beyond that which forms the personality, or ego, which is created by our biggest fear and belief –our rejection of the notion that us human beings are immortal Souls. Parts of God living a game called illusion.
The transpersonal chamber allows the Soul to break free from the fears that block your female, male and spiritual bodies.
The female body represents your creativity, curiosity, innocence, humility, ability to receive and connection with your Inner Child.
The male body is the representation of your understanding, wisdom, intelligence, ability to share, will, strength and inner power.
The spiritual body is the representation of your connection with the whole and with your higher consciousness.

Chamber of Cognitive Restructuring

The word chamber in this case refers to an energy field that surrounds us with high vibrational energies for a special purpose. Cognitive restructuring is the process through which beliefs or negative thoughts (cognitions) and negative behaviours (conducts) are removed.

Ionic Bond Chamber

The word chamber in this case refers to an energy field that surrounds us with high vibrational energies for a special purpose. Ionic bonding denotes a merger of energy; in this case it is the fusion of your mind with your higher consciousness in order to manifest the wisdom you need to awaken your Soul.